The City I call Home

My committment to all the Unfolding readers is to share my life choices in hope to inspire you on your own decisions. Before diving into details, it is important to give the background context as in what has inspired me to creat this blog. The credit will have to go to the city I call home, Melbourne Australia.


Melbourne is the state capital city of Victoria Australia. Unlike other modern cities, which most of them makes me feel like conceret jungles, the city is enriched with culture. I’m sure all of you have heard of the coffees, laneways, nightlife from millions of reviews. I am not sharing the familiar experience everyone else has had. I was inspired to start sharing while I was doing my morning run.

runner.jpgSunday is when I do my routine morning run along Yarra River, everyone passing by has got this incredible vibe of positivity, as if the running is their journey in pursuit of happiness. How would I not be affected by those lovely faces and sprites. Though work has been always hectic, at that moment of feeling drowning in negativity, stress and hurt, the Sunday morning run becomes my way of healing and staying strong as my true self. I breath in the Southern Hemispheres fresh ocean air, very certain that’s what freedom taste like.



For all of you interested in having the taste of running in Melboune, I would recommend The Tan Track for the starter. If you are half way and almost feel like you couldn’t make to the end, you are allowed to be easier on yourself and take a rest at Jardin Tan for their exceptional unique Vietnamese breakfast. Don’t forget there are plenty of cafes to choose from on Domain Road for a decent Melbournian coffee. For those who run with me, you know that I love a boost of protein after workout. You also know that I make the most fabulous scrambled eggs in town. The freshly cooked eggs with avocado and sesame seeds toast, together with green juice with yummy secret ingredient. Emmm, I might just share the recipe with you if it is highly demanded.

For those of you who have been part of my life, would have learnt that I have been climbing the corporate ladder since the start of my career. For those who will know me from this blog though, don’t worry, i am not here to give career advise. I would like to share with you everything that inspired me to be the strong woman I am, in light of supporting you on your life choices along your journey.

That’s it for now. I will keep all my post short and informative. I’m sure your life is full of colors, so this little blog is just me adding a little hint to your already beautiful  life.




One comment

  1. Melbourne is truly a beautiful city, so much to see and do or eat lol. A great article you have written Katarina.
    If you wanna see more of Melbourne’s hidden places check out Ray of Melbourne on Instagram. I currently help out with the marketing for it.


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