Silky Skin Head to Toe

There really is no secret to achieve that healthy glowy skin from within. Four key things that I keep practicing are: eat well, exercise regularly, nourish my skin, and most importantly, remain positive!

inner health2

Has any of you gone through your teenage or twenty something pictures, and wish to have the glowy skin again? well, aging is inevitable, but a healthy lifestyle can help your youth to stay longer. Good fat, protein and fiber keep good energy in your body, so it can build itself for healthy guts and bones. There are many options of good fat that you can choose from, the key is to choose unprocessed fat such as avocado and raw coconut oil. Source of protein and fiber are just as easy, you can easily get them from eggs and greens. Understand not many of us have the luxury of time to cook, but it is the only that you can ensure the source of your daily nutrients. The Healthy Chef is my go-to place for handy recipes. I am hardly a cook, but these recipes never disappoint me and my guests.


When it comes to regular exercise, your choice should always be whatever gets your heart pounding and sweats dripping. We need our hearts in good conditions to keep our metabolism. Running is always a good option especially if you live in a city that is full of running tracks and natural sceneries. If time and your physical fitness do not allow you to run outdoor, how about just a 30 mins cross trainer everyday at your gym. No need to exhaust yourself from excercise, just enough to get your heart in a good condition. You will sweat while burning body fat, however if you need a boost every other day, I go to hot yoga studio at least two times a week. This will guarantee you sweats, lots of it! And yoga practice is not just for stretching and flexibility. Remember the four keys of beautiful skin? We need to remind ourselves to stay positive, and yoga helps you build that beautiful minds.

inner health

Of course, if you think that you have lost the last 10 years for practising healthy lifestyle, some supplementary nutritional products always help. I always choose something natural based and minimally processed (if possible). Berries are full of antioxidants but in Australia we do not always have easy access to yummy berries as they are highly seasonal. The Beauty Chef offer good range of products from food to skin care. Its Inner Beauty Powder becomes my absolute supplement at home and on travel.

almond milk.JPG

Last but not least, your skin needs to eat healthy as well! Some women applies very luxurious creams to their face yet try to save their money on body care. We can be very smart on our spend and achieve much more effective results with little investment. Same approach as for food to your body, skin needs to eat as natural as possible. There are many botanical skin care brands, such as Aesop, I love very much. but for beginners of body care, I would definitely recommend my long time favourite L’Occitane Almond Range. From shower oil to body oil, it is the difference you can feel on your skin. Its milk concentrate and body oil have up to 48 hours hydration, yet the texture is very light and easy apply. oh, the smell of it, divine!

You don’t have to do everything that I have suggested, but take the first step try one thing at a time. You will feel the difference!






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