The Fabulous Scent Edition

I was walking into friend’s restaurant, which by the way suppose to be the new it place in town, the first thing that she asked was what perfume I was wearing. I was not surprised since she was not the first one asked the same question on the day. After I showed her what I own and how I choose the daily scent to go with my outfit and weather, I was already committeed to write a piece here hopefully it can guide readers who are interested to the right scent that suited her the most.

fabulous scent2

I personally believe that everyone has his or her unique scent from within, inividual lifestyle does drive this unique scent, and parfum fragrance just in a way magnifies personal scent. In general, I do perfer light fresh floral scent, especially when I put them on in the morning, there was always sceonds of refreshment and energisation. I am going through my vanity cabinet, it was not surprised that it is full of sweet scents such as Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede,  all time classic COCO Mademoiselle, and everyone’s love Tocca’s Giulietta. Today however though, I won’t be able to run through all my collections. I have picked few of my all time favourites, so if you haven’t tried them yet, perhaps you can stop at their counters next time and try them out.

jo malone

“if you think you know No.5, you don’t”, when I was in Chanel’s boutique store to top up my Mademoiselle and No.19, this was what the girl said. I have been known as the girl who has always been a No.19, I insist No.5 needed a little bit of modern touch to suit my generation. And, Chanel finally did a whole new transformation for its signature scent! The new No.5, aka No.5 L’EAU, is so much more refreshing, simple yet kept the all time classic Chanel tone. Top notes has deifintely combined some signature circus such as mandarin; the flora tone follows as the spray touches my skin, I can smell roses and jasmine; then behind the flow of flowers, the woody tone remains, reminded me the classic No.5. The transition from one tone to another is so natural and seamless. I normally wear the new No.5 to work underneath tight single colored corporate dress. The scent has always reminded me a form of transformation that is flawness and changes that drive new style.


The only thing I have gotta to say about Bryedo is that the french does make their parfums like vintage wine, ages with sophistification. The reason I have decided to try out its collection was simply because of the simple designed bottles. I personally don’t think there is anything more needed for this parfum bottle and its label. The names also simple and explaintory of the notes, no knowledge of french required. I chose Infloresence as my spring summer scent because it is so light yet doesn’t loss the touch of romance thanks for the rose and fressia. Followed the top notes of rose and fressia is oriental magolia and lily with the base of jasmine. Overall a simple fragrance that goes with everything, and I promise you it won’t go wrong at any social events. There is just one thing that I would kindly advise is that, when you go choose your Byredo scent, ask the specialist in the store to recommend few to try out. People who knows me well believed that I have a style that reflects my personality very well. When I chose mine, the specialist was very vocal and insisted that Infloresence is the one for me!


Last but not the least, now it is defintely the season for Narciso. It is not the well know fraqrance brand, but I was instantly attracted to the scent when it was introduced to me. The fashinon designer from New York City obviously has not been holding back his talents while designg the bottle of his signature scent. There have been extensions of its fragrance family, my love for the range however have always been with its original Narciso. The milky white bottle reminds me my all time favourite silk slip dress, the scent is elegant through and through, flora followed by woody notes, warms the heart of muse. This is defintely my go to autume winter scent, and whenever I pull out that silk slip dress, Narciso always goes underneath it.

what are your favourite scents? how are you wearing them? I would love to hear from you, and hopefully we can continue inspiring each other to find that unique scent for ourselves.





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