Help Your Skin Beat the Winter Blues

For those who are locals or know Melbourne well, winter is here! Although on a sunny day, you can still feel that hint of warmth on your skin, during the night, heating is definitely essential. I personally love the seasons changing, however, my skin seems to be constantly dehydrated since I have to keep my room temperature at no lower than 23 degrees. While we always have our home, friends and family help us to keep ourselves cozy and comfortable, our skin needs to be looked after as well. I am just happy to share how I keep my skin nourished during this season, hopefully we can all help each other to beat the winter blues.


Every girl’s skin routine starts with cleansing. My everyday go to products will have to be Aesop Parsley Seed range. I have been absolutely fall in love with this Aussie brand ever since I moved here and being introduced with their personal care range. The Parsley Seed range is boost with skin anti-oxidant ingredients to keep skin hydrate even under stress conditions. The gel cleanser, which I use at night to remove all the residuals off my skin, contains lactic acid. Leaving it on your skin for a minute actually does very gentle polishing work. Because of the balance from jojoba oil and all natural ingredients, skin is not felt striped by harsh chemicals. In winter conditions, I do believe skin needs some extra care. Once ever fortnight, I would use 5-10 mins couch and tv time at night, massage Eve Lom Cleanser to my face. When the rich cream is melting into the stressed skin at a warm room temperature, it is just divine.


Once all the makeups and stress were removed from your skin, your skin would be like your tummy after a major diet cleansing. the key is not to feed your skin with any junk. Some chemical ingredient based products can make skin looks instantly better because it creates a layer on your skin base to cover all the blemishes. When your skin is clean and free of any chemicals, it is the best time to boost it with natural based serum. I would recommend Lucent Facial Concentrate for a boost of vitamins, or L’OCCITAINE Immortelle Divine Extract to inject the essence of legendary ever lasting flower, or once every other night, Dream Repaire Cellular Serum from The Beauty Chef for organic, anti-oxidant essential oils.

Aesop Facial

For some reason, I am not too fussed about moisturizer. In a way, I have convinced myself, if I do good cleansing, and feed skin with some high concentrate serum, the only work moistriser left to do is to keep skin hydrated as long as the skin desire. For this reason, I don’t stick to one but rotate among few. All time favourites are L’OCCITANE Immortelle Precious Cream, I use the SPF cream for day and night cream for extra moisturizer for evening, and Aesop Parley Seed Anti-oxidant Hydrating Cream. For night, the award-winning Antipodes Avocado Pear will never disappoint you. Here is another good news, all of those products are pocket friendly, the ones that are slightly over the $100 price tag actually last for a reasonable long time so the daily consumption is considered good value.

chamomile anti

In winter, when skin is more exposed to harsh wind and dry heating, extra care is definitely required. In addition to changing weather condition, our diet is likely turning into hearty soup and more comforting food (I am guilty of that). Skin is very delicate and sometimes can react to those changes in a very unpleasant ways. When I feel there is a lump on my skin, I use Aesop Chamomile Antiblemish Masque for spot clean. Overnight masking is a quick way to boost up energy in skin, I have this very expensive habit of putting La mer The Intensive Revitalising Mask on and leave it on overnight for instant fix. For a better value alternative, Aesop Blue Chamomile Hydrating Mask does botanical formula at its best. I carry this brown bottle with me on long haul flight, it does magic to the skin especially under stressed environments.

Last but not least, I would highly recommend to enjoy a facial indulgent in this season. Where I live, there is a Aesop boutique store downstairs, I couldn’t help to enjoy the convinence of south yarra living and treat myself a facial treatment once every months or two. $170 is a very personalised experience with botanical formulas for skin, essential oils for neck, shoulder and head massage. When you are facing some skin breakouts, don’t try to “fix” it yourself, the therapist treats your problematic skin very delicately and making sure there is no damage to the skin. The treatment room is also very Aesop, cosy bed with bathroom full of Aesop personal care products, the entire room smells divine. Oh, while you are lying on the treatment bed, there is actually a message on the ceiling for you. What did it say? I guess it is better you find it out yourself 😉





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