Who is making you blushing?

A while back, I wrote a piece about how to achieve that inner glow beauty. Clear skin with the glow from within will make you absolutely stunning in a sense of pure and healthy, however though, I would always add a hint of color to my cheek. When I dash a little bit of color on my cheek, I would always think of the one and the moment who has made me blushing, emmm…

blush all

It is not a complicated process to choose a blush that is right for you. I follow two rules. Firstly, depends on your skin type, you might find that either powered blush or cream works better on your skin.  Secondly, choose the color that suits your skin tone. Ultimately, if you are going to use blush to enhance the color of your skin, the effect that you would like to achieve is that the blush sits naturally on your cheek without looking like a distinctive coloured line or dot.

If you are with dry skin, I would highly recommend you to try cream based blush. My favourite cream blush definitely goes to the queen of natural cosmetic RMS Beauty Lip2cheek; contains natural and pure coconut oil and mineral pigments, this seamlessly blends into your skin for a very natural look. Another very important reason for choosing RMS is, when a natural ingredient brand does cosmetic makeups so well, it is almost impossible not to try. Others like Stila Convertible Color is also a very good value if you would like to keep a selection of colors in your vanity cabinet. On the other hand, if you skin is oily, cream blush might not sit for very long on your cheek because of oil based colors. I have combination skin, also always like to try different schemes, so no doubt have tried countless powdered blushes as well. The winner of powered blush will definitely have to go to Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush. I discovered the difference few years back when it was launched with the unique look of two color marble pressed powder and golden case. Not only this adds color to your cheek, it does creates that radiance from within. A good powder blush will not make your skin looks cakey but seamlessly blend into your skin. This one is a state of art! I am actually wearing its Diffused Heat today, I think I need a vibrant color for this winter.

blush hourglass.JPG

Now you have got a type blush or perhaps a certain brand that works perfect for you, the difficult decision is choosing the color. They all look too pretty! I am a minimalist when it comes to outfit and I have dark hair, so I would from time to time try different colors to my cheek and lips as my fashion adventure. You however go with your own fashion sense and choose the color that works for your skin tone. For example, if you have pale or light skin, rosy pink is always going to make you look very pretty. Make Up For Ever Blush Creme has few rosy pink colors that offer pretty pigmented colors to your skin. I am very lucky, I am able to try pink colors during chill seasons as the summer glow fades away. Normally though, my yellow toned skin goes very well with peach, coral, golden tone colors. Sunday Riley has this beautiful color called Honeynoon Night, it definitely the perfect transition from pink to golden tone color. Some everyday colors that go well with yellow tone skin are MAC’s SpringsheenMAC’s Cream Color Base in Vintage Rose, and last but not the least NARS Orgasm. I am so sorry I am unable to advise on dark skin colors, I have alway envied those with darker skin tone, your skin looks perfect without makeups. Please leave you comments below if you could share with me how you get that healthy glow from within.

blush nars

Speaking of which, the cult beauty item NARS Orgasm never settles on what it has already earned, it has just recently launched the legendary color in liquid blush after the matched lip gloss! Those has tried it in the US, have given fabulous reviews on how velvety the liquid blush and how it melts into skin as diffused stain… I can’t wait to get my hands on it! My Aussie friends, I am afraid we will have to wait till July the 4th, exclusively available at MECCA.

It is friday night, I am so glad that I have got to share this piece with you. Now I need to pick up a color for dinner tonight, guess which one I would go for a cozy winter dinner 😉






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