Landing with Style

I am about to pack up for my summer time in Europe. Normally on business travel, I am not too stressed about how I look in flight and when I land, I carry as little as I can to avoid wasting time waiting for checked in luggage. As much as I want to go easy on packing for this leisure trip, I do want to land in exotic Barcelona looking glamorous with that gorgeous summer glow. So I decided to share my list, hoping that you would leave a comment below if you have some tips of your own.

#1 Everything in one handy cosmetic bag

Because of the airline restrictions on liquid with carry-ons, it becomes every girls nightmare to pack the essentials for long-haul flights, especially those who would like to travel light. I don’t normally have checked in luggage for any trips less than 10 days, so I have become the expert on packing my skin care and toiletries with me so that I can avoid hassles with security gates checks. I have everything, literally everything in a cosmetic bag, including cleaning wipes, cotton pad, q-tips, cleanser, hydration mask, hydration spray, moisturizer, eye cream, hand cream, lip balm, brown pencil, mascara, eye mask, ear plugs, sanitizer wipes, and tissues. Sounds like quite a lot of stuff yes? Country Road has this great range of cosmetic bags that will meet your specific needs. I have few of the mediums for in-flight beauty routine, and large that can collect toiletries, skin care and cosmetics all together when I land. They are made of soft and light water proof fabrics, with multiple compartments, so good for travel. Again, because of liquid restrictions for carry-ons, I would try to avoid liquid form products as much as I can. For example, if you used to have liquid remover, maybe try to use wipes for travel. I love Simple Wipes, it is soft, no artificial perfume or colors, removes waterproof mascara too. It is for sensitive skin, so when you have limited access to clean water in the air, be kind to your skin, use products that contains no harsh chemicals (actually this should be the rule for everyday!), because you would not have the luxury to always go to bathroom and do a proper cleansing.

#2 Stay hydrated, always, for you and your skin

rms beauty.JPG

It is easy to remember to drink water because you will feel thirsty during flight. For some, including myself, who like to have a glass of bubble before taking off and a glass of red with meal, always remember that alcohol dehydrates your skin. Few years ago, I started skipping alcohols before and during flights, and performing this cult beauty routine during long haul flights. As I mentioned, I would separately pack essentials for in-flight beauty routine with a medium sized cosmetic pouch, so I know that everything I need is in one place. When I have settled on my seat, I would start doing my beauty routine. First, I clean my skin with Simple Wipes, just to make sure that skin is makeups and dirt free. I would then apply a layer, be generous here, a thick layer of hydration mask. Because it is not your private home, I would suggest clear gel based mask for your hydration routine. My go-to hydration mask is Aesop Blue Chamomile. The 60ml bottle with the pump is perfect for carry-ons. It’s also important to choose a leave-on mask because of limited access to clean water and bathroom facilities during flight. After I have covered my face with clear hydration mask, I would always remember to apply a thick layer of eye cream and lip balm for areas where mask doesn’t apply. Now I have my face covered, it is almost done for the entire flight, except that I will always have a good hydration spray every hour or so to make sure that there is no short of hydration to my skin. I have some good sprays that I love: Sk-II Mid Day Miracle Essence which can be used over makeups, Kosmea Rosewater Hydrating Mist offers a very nice scent, botanical essential oil from Caudalie Beauty Elixir is definitely a good fix before landing, and Aesop Immediate Moisture Facial Hydrosol is the perfect size for carry-ons. Before landing, I would use the same wipe to clean and apply SPF moisturizer. I don’t use foundation or any covers for my skin because I am confident with how my skin looks after long hours of rehydrating, but I will always add a little tine of color to my cheek and lips so that I look pretty 🙂 I am a big fan of RMS Beauty, it is organic and full of pure natural beauty ingredients. On a non-make up day, RMS range enhances your natural beauty while nourishing your skin, definitely a good choice for holiday travels.

#3 Stay active, I didn’t just mean exercise

I am actually not just talking about doing some physical activities in flight here. To help blood circulation, you might want to get up from your seat or bed every hour or so. For example, going to the bathroom, going to the gallery to ask for water or snack instead of calling flight attendant. I have never tried those flight socks before but I heard they actually work! After a bit of research, I did found Scholl Fight Socks a good value buy. The silky feel material goes well with what I normally wear for flights.

flight clothes choice.JPG

What I meant staying “active” during flight, is to gear yourself up with your activewear. If you are flying more than 3 hours, it is very important to make sure that whatever you are wearing during flight is the most comfortable clothes that you have ever found for yourself. Of course pajamas or lungewear would be preferred, but I do think that what you wear represents who you are, a little activewear is always going to give you some positive energy, even when you felt depressed about wasting hours of your time in flight. Plus, activewears are super stretchy, so good for doing those exercises that I mentioned earlier. Good activewears like Lululemon is famous of its superior fabric quality: light and breathable. I normally wear seamless sports bra with its seamless racerback, overlay a long sleeve top, and of course favourite high waist legging pants. The fabric is with Silverescent® technology uses silver fibres to inhibit the growth of odour-causing bacteria. You will definitely want to stay odour-free after a 9-12 hours long haul flight 🙂 One essential item I would always take it with me is Lululemon’s Vinyasa Wrap. Such a versatile item, you can use it as a blanket if you ever feel needed an extra cover during flight. When you are flying from a cold weather to a warmer, which happens a lot for us who live in the southern hemisphere, this light and cosy wrap is so easy to pack and offer you that piece of mind regardless of the temporature. If you are fancy something more stylish and vibrant colors, Lorna Jane offers some good options.

flight meal choice.JPG

#4 Eat healthy, before and during flying

A lot of us are going to be tempted eating more junk food while waiting for departure, and during flight. It is normal to want to have high cab food when you are under stress. It doesn’t matter how much you travel, you will always feel rushed and stressed for things that you might have forgotten to pack or switches at home that you could have forgotten to turn off 😛 However, if you eat too much food before flight, it would be like having big feast meal before going to bed. The amount of food that you took is unlike to be digested easily during flight due to lack of movements and blood circulation. If you eat high fiber, high anti-oxidant food few days before and during flight, it will help with digestive system so that you won’t be feeling as bloated during flight. Air in the cabin is known as recirulated (at least partially), boosting up anti-oxidant level is your body and skin may support fighting oxidative stress and radical damage to cells. I mentioned earlier that alcohol is not good for skin hydration. It is also not recommended if you have bloating tummy issues during flight. If you still experience tummy discomfort, peppermint tea is a great natural herbal option to sooth the pain.

Have I missed anything? Leave your comment below if you have some travel or inflight tips to share. I mean, I am sure no paparazzi is waiting at the airport exit to take my pictures, but why not land with your own style, with some little effort to stay healthy and happy when you travel 😉








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