Six Essential Fashion Items for a Well Dressed European Summer

I do sincerely apologise for my absence for over a month. I spent 3 weeks travelling in Spain and France, and as a light packed traveller I didn’t bring a laptop with me. I have been keeping my Instagram followers posted with my travels, but did feel absolutely guilty of not being able to update the site with some insightful contents. So, after a long week trying to recover from jet lag, I have got some packing tips that I would like to share. When you plan your summer trip to Europe, make sure you pack these fashion iteams, then you can be sure that you are well dressed for whatever occasions coming along the trip.

Before I start listing the items, be aware these rules only apply to female travellers who desire to dress appropriately for all kinds of events during a single trip, who also share a common struggle that there is limited space / weight to pack with you. I packed those essential fashion items with me for a three weeks travel in multiple cities with some very moody temperatures. I am so excited to share these with you because I can guaranteed that everyone would not only have one but few in their wardrobe. Are you ready for an effortless Eurpoean summer?


#1 Camisole Top(s)

Ideally silk, it is light, it is versatile, and it is the classic fashion item that I am pretty sure you have one if not few in your wardrobe. I love camis so much, to a point when the girls were about to get themselves one, they would check with me first if I already own the same style. For travel, I picked black and khaki simply because light colors can be hard to maintain especially if your trip involves high level of sun exposure and outdoor activities. I would highly recommend silk cami as you can dress up and down with it. I wore this one paired with white denim shorts during the day for city walks and night with a lacy skirt for the club. For whatever reason this one I have got from Ginia RTW is the perfect silk top for travel: it doesn’t need iron nor require dry clean, simply raise it in water, and good to go in the next day!


#2 Soft Denim

Jacket, jeans, skirt, short. You won’t be needing them all, it really depends if you are a pants or skirt type of person. I packed the denim jacket, this one from Comptoir Des Cotonniers. It’s the perfect washed denim, very soft, and perfect as a layer for a slightly chill summer day. While I never needed it in hot 40 degrees Barcelona, this jacket definitely was a life saver when Paris’s temperature dropped below 20. Also I spent a decent amount of time outdoor exploring vineyards and chateaus in Bordeaux, afternoon sun can be very rough on your skin, so a little bit of extra cover doesn’t hurt. The other reason I love denim is it goes with everything I have packed. The key of effortless living is to have those essential items that are so versatile so that you will never need to waste your time trying to match your outfit. I had this jacket with me all the way to Provence and Nice, it pairs with dress, camis and shirts. Since you will be travelling, casual, not so uptight look would be what you are going for yes? this one is your must pack!


#3 Stripes, Stripes, Stripes

It’s France! I actually never learnt how the French was entitled to the Master of Stripes. I happen to have few stripies in my collection. I picked a stripey rayon shirt for my travel as I learnt that I would spent few days in Monaco and Nice. I could almost feel the Mediterranean Sea breeze through the light and flowy fabric. It is classy yet surprisingly elegant when it is paired with pants and heels. Few of my favourite shoots happened to be with this stripe shirt. You can look very confident in stripes, elegant without even trying. Last but not the least, here is my secret, I often pair my stripe outfit with red lips. It has to be the most authentic red, ideally cream or matt effect red. Try that, you will be surprised how amazing you look!


#4 Crossbody handbag

It doesn’t have to be Louis Vuitton! This one that I have always brought with me for overseas travel though it is the perfect size. One of the perks of having classic handbags is that it never goes out of style. This one looks rather petit, it however carries large size wallet, my inflight essentials (if you have read my last post), and a pair of sunglasses. The strap is adjustable with a paddle for your shoulder. If you have one similar size, don’t hesitate, it is the one to take when you are going travel! I have to admit that the classic Louis Vuitton monogram pattern does adds some “attitude” to whatever outfit you wear. So when I was going through my collection of bags, instead of packing few, I just thought this one would cover most of the functions for a 3 weeks trip.


#5 The Very White Sneaker

Unlike living in your own city, you have to be prepared for lots lots of walking. In my case, I have to be prepared for both city and country, dry and wet. I packed Adidas Gazelle in white with me. The honest truth is that it has always been my favourite pair of casual shoes. The white color is just perfect for denim, shorts or skirts. Many may be worried about how to keep white shoes, you know, white! This one is simple, wipe it with damp clothes, it will be back to the perfect white shade.


#6 LBD

Who doesn’t own one if not few little black dress? I packed two of my favourites with me. The trick is that both are made of flowy light materials. I did bring a silk gown with me to Paris because of events. But if you don’t need to bring any of those high maintenance evening wear, this one from Kit and Ace would have been perfect for you. I got this one , despite of owning way to many black dresses, because of curiosity of its unique fabric: it feels like some kind of silk blend, the best thing with this fabric is that it is stretch therefore most of the time wrinkle free! You don’t need to use the expensive hotel dry cleaning either, raise it with detergent, next day it is good to go no iron needed.

Who doesn’t own all six of these already? I bet you have few and the most difficult question becomes which one to pack for your next travel. If you don’t want to spent extra on excessive luggage (the airlines are very strict in Europe) or carry a giant suitcase up and down the train station stairs (there are very limited elevator or lift facilities at main train stations), remember always pick the one that is light, natural fabric, flowy that is perfect for summer. Color? Black, White, Denim, and red lips 😀 When you don’t need to worry about what to wear everyday, you will be much more relaxed and enjoy exploring what those beautiful cities have to offer 🙂

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