Dial the Vibe Up

If there is a color for Melbourne, I think everyone would agree with me, it will have to be BLACK! Depressing I know, but it happens to be one of my favourite colors, so I manage to have a whole closet full of blacks, yet able to create styles that make everyday looking with great energy. My secret? Accessories!

I didn’t mean loads and loads of jewelleries. Accessories to me is anything that could add to your outfit, some positive energy that lights up the room when you work in. so anything that adds a hint of vibe to prime colors, try it on today, I guarantee you will see a complete new you in the mirror even though it is the same old outfit.

#1 Radiant Skin

File 21-7-17, 4 39 12 pmIf you have natural skin that glows from within, even if you are wearing the simplest colors, there is just this great energy that people will find infectious. For those who are less fortunate, I have an article talked about how I achieve a healthy skin, but here I want to share the “accessories” that you can add that boosts up your energy: skin highlighters! It will take you literally less than a minute to add some gorgeous glow to your face: add skin highlighters to your cheekbone, along the nose bridge, end of eyebrows, top of your lips, and tips of your chin. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector has been my long-term most trusted highlighter. For those who prefer organic, RMS beauty has the most beautiful coconut oil based luminizers. I have been carrying those small RMS beauty pots in my everyday cosmetic bag. During a busy day sitting in a corporate office with tight black outfit, why not try load your confidence level by simply add some lights to your face.

#2 Bright color lips

accessorise up 3

I am not saying we need lots of loud colors to be standing out from the crowd, but everyone else is wearing black, or navy, or grey. You are a confident woman with your own style, so let your lips speak for your feminism. I think every woman should have her own shade of rouge. Red represents energy, it is loud yet elegant. For those who doesn’t normally wear red, let’s start with some safe colors like Tom Ford’s Scarlet Rouge , MAC’s Ruby Woo, Chanel’s Pirate , all of which are more blue toned red. If you prefer something brighter, try NARS’s Annabell and Lancome’s Isabella. In terms of texture, you might have noticed that I prefers cream to matt finish, and it is totally personal preference also depends on what your skin is wearing.

#3 The bling-bling and textures

Aessories up 01

Black goes well with anything. If your overall color easily blended into the winter crowd, I would highly recommend you add some metallic textures to your outfit. Layered necklaces can easily add some vibe to your look, and everyone would already have quite some collections. So the only decision you need to make is to pick the right ones to go with your style. I would highly recommend you go as easy, simple as possible, stack no more than 3 of your pendants. When you trying to match your black pieces, try small items that have completely different textures. For example, leather and lace are the perfect mix to creat a sharp yet feminine look, and you don’t have to worry if they are all blacks 😉 One other thing that I would add is that, try keep your textiles mix to be no more than 1:9, ie, you only need a hint of lace to your leather jacket, and a strip of leather to your lacy dress.

Ok, what are you thinking now? If you think that you need a big shopping to achieve your winter style, perhaps go through your wardrobe first see if you can find similar items I have listed above. They are so easy to find, all you need to do is to try to match them and create your own style. If you do need to get some of the recommended items, those are the ultimate classic, highly versatile items that you will not regret investing. Try some of the tips above, I guarantee you will look confident and shine through the crowd.





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