The Magic Skin Superfood

In the southern hemisphere when we are not as populated and gifted with clean crispy ocean air, lifestyle can be as healthy as you could possibly imaging. We don’t need to try hard, naturally organic ingredients are so easily embedded into our lifestyle. Since we eat clean, it would be almost impossible not to want our skin to eat clean “food” as well. I have been practicing natural skin care and cosmetic for a while now, and couldn’t feel better about myself. For those who are concerning functionality of natural skincare and cosmetics, I have few products that I have tested and proved to be naturally powerful. They contains no harsh chemicals and locally made in Australia, so good you can almost eat them!


#Good fat goes for a long way

So, we know that we don’t want greasy fat to be in our body, but oil from good source like salmon and avocados are essential for our health and growth. I want to mostly talk about good oils that are used in skin care and cosmetic today. Rosehip oil is no stranger to us as the cult beauty oil. Just like you would take good protein for breakfast, I add skin food to my daily routrine: apply a drop or two of Kosmea Organic Rosehip Oil to damp skin after cleaning, or add to your drinks and food everyday. It adds a very suttle glow and give you a peace of mind that whatever you have today is going to contain good fatty acid to make your skin happy. Another well-know source of fatty acid is from primrose, in addition to what you have been taking as supplements everyday, why not apply Aesop Primrose Hydration Cream. This way you are reassured that your inner beauty is going to shine through your perfectly pampered skin 😉

#Feed your skin with active vitamins and minerals

Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream

Essential vitamins and minerals ensure that your skin revitalise and is full of energy. It is very difficult to reach the essential vitamin and mineral level for your skin from your daily diet. It therefore very helpful if your skin cells are taking those nutrients from your daily beauty routine. I have learnt that the popular rentiol is the cult product for anti-aging. But if you are on a healthy diet, maybe consider those natural source of vitamins as an alternative? There are plenty of naturally powered products helps to boost to collagen. Antipodes avocado Pear nourishing Cream has been my all time favourite. This is one of those products that you see visible results yet without a big price tag. It’s a highly concentrated night cream, so probably not suited for the morning. Because you would want your skin to be less layered during the day, I would say apply Aesop Lusent Facial Concentrate before day cream and foundation. The matt finish and light weight serum is so easily absorbed by skin, prepares your skin well for a day exposed to harsh environmental conditions.

spray glow model

#Hydration to keep skin cells active

If you need to drink at least of 2 litres of water a day to keep your body hydrated, why would you treat your skin differently? We are not all privileged to allow our face to be soaked in water once every few hours, after all, we spend so much time making sure it looks flawless in the morning. The solution is to have a carry on hydration spray with you. When it comes to choose a good spray, I would definitely choose natural ingredients over functional. I seem to have used up quite few bottles of Kosmea Rosewater Mist now, Not only it contains natural ingredients, no alcohol, it smells divine. And the bonus part with the mist is actually its spray bump! Unlike some of other products that I have tried, it stays strong til the last drop, and makes the finest mist to your skin, which is very important when you are wearing makeups.


#Cosmetics as a health supplement

Makeups are not to cover your flaws but to enhance your natural beauty. But if you are like me, couldn’t stop wondering what’s in my lip and eye colors, you would be no doubt choose naturally powered cosmetics over others. The good news is that there are a number of cosmetic brands have been consistent in their values and use natural ingredients only. RMS beauty is coconut oil based, works perfectly as highlighter. Natural mineral colors means that you never need to discount the pigmentation of the colors. For starters, RMS has recently launched its travel compact pack, which contains all the cult colors and products from the range. Another product that I have love so much is Antipodes lipsticks. I don’t think I have got enough space to actually list out the reasons why I love it so much, but if a lipstick is so good that you can almost eat it, and with such a little price, you would not resist to give it a try! Not far until I have the full selection of colours 😉

Positive effortless Living is a personal preference and a lifestyle that we choose to practice. If there are products out there truly resonates with my values, I will go the extra mile to get it and give my genuine recommendations. I wish Unfolding provides you those unique insight that helps you to build a lifestyle that you desire. For me, it is just the simple happiness from making a small difference, and connecting to you in the most uncomplicated way.








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